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Skate Square

Project Details

Date Completed

May 31, 2022


School Project


Step into a Southern California-inspired city square where you can find the best skateboarding retailers and where skateboarding is not only allowed, but encouraged – everywhere.

Skills Used

Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, Project Management, Master Planning/Layout

Skate Square was created as a Senior Design Capstone Project for the completion of my Certificate in Themed Entertainment Design. It was also submitted to the Second Annual Student Showcase in May of 2022.


Skate Square received the following awards from the 2022 Student Showcase:

  • Best in Class – Placemaking
  • Honorable Mention – Blue Sky/Concept and Sustainability/Resiliency
  • Special Achievement – Feasibility
  • Futurist Award for Trend
  • Special Mention: Quality of Presentation/Presentation Art

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Pitch Book:

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Project Fly Through:

Project Images:

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Project Description:

Street skating is a form of skateboarding whereby skaters practice their tricks on curbs, stairs, furniture and other items commonly found on public streets. The challenge is that, while skateboarders enjoy street skating, many municipalities don’t want skateboarders around in these urban areas where the most desirable skating elements exist.

Skate Square is specifically designed for street skating with elements blended right into the design of the space. The setting is a welcoming, modern, urban city square environment, taking its architectural inspiration from skateboarding’s Southern California roots. Skate Square features the most well-respected retailers of skating equipment, accessories and apparel mixed with stair sets, rails, ledges, benches, planters and so much more for skaters to enjoy. Add in some unique dining opportunities, a focus on skater art, a virtual reality experience, live entertainment and special events, and it truly is a skater’s paradise!

The goal of Skate Square is not only to bring together the best skating retailers and provide an awesome skating experience, but also to pull back the curtain on skateboarding culture and help change the perspective of skating as it gains more mainstream recognition as a legitimate sport. We invite you now to roll on into Skate Square where skateboarding is not only allowed, but encouraged – everywhere.

In addition to generating the initial idea, my specific contributions to this project were creating the final park layout and complete design of the courthouse, the underpass, rooftop restaurant (and accompanying building), the Spanish architecture-inspired retail building, the pool area and the construction zone. Additionally, I designed and assembled the pitch book displayed above.

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