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Monon 30 Innovation Sprint

Project Details

Date Completed

March 5, 2022


School Project / Creative Consultation


Monon 30 is a real project under development in Indianapolis, Indiana. Students of various disciplines were invited to participate in an innovation sprint to help the design team brainstorm concepts and ideas for the development. Students had 24 hours to research and present their concepts.

Skills Used

Blue Sky, Layout/Master Plan, Concept Design, 3D Modeling

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Project Description:

Monon 30 is a project under development on the near northeast side of Indianapolis at the intersection of 30th Street and the Monon Trail. The Monon Trail is a trail system that follows the course of the decommissioned Monon railroad line and the site of the Monon 30 complex sits on an abandoned lumber yard that borders the trail. The vision is to create an exciting mixed-use retail, dining and entertainment complex that draws visitors to the area and takes advantage of the location along the Monon Trail. The developers of this project invited students at IUPUI to participate in an innovation sprint to brainstorm concepts and ideas for how the area could be developed.

My team chose to focus on just one small area of the property that houses some remnants of the old lumber yard. We enclosed this area with shipping containers that are stamped with the old Monon logo that harkens back to the days of when the railroad actually passed through this area. These shipping containers allow for a lot of flexibility of spaces, and will serve as the structures that house the main retail areas of this space. One section of containers will be available for rental spaces and can be configured in different ways to accommodate parties of varying sizes. An entire structure built out of shipping containers can serve as a major event venue with space available for indoor retail, dining and entertainment.

We also chose to lean into the history of the space by playing up the lumber yard aspect of the area. We created seating and lounge areas that appear to be made up of stacks of lumber. To add some kinetic energy and a bit of thrill to the area, we envision the addition of a single rail zip-line track themed as a lumber conveyor system.

Finally, to add some additional visual interest to the area, we envisioned building an LED grid tunnel over the Monon Trail itself that would have the ability to pulsate various colors over the trail as visitors pass underneath.

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