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Themed Membership Kiosk

Project Details

Date Completed

April 2002


Creative Design


A kiosk themed as a safari jeep designed to sit outside the main gate at the Indianapolis Zoo to assist with promotion of membership sales.

Skills Used

Production Design, Pencil Sketching

Project Images:

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Project Description:

In 2002, I was promoted to the Guest Relations Manager at the Indianapolis Zoo. In this role, I was responsible for creating a comprehensive guest recovery and communication plan for those unfortunate situations where we may have fallen short of our guests’ expectations. Additionally, I was asked to oversee all membership functions at the main entrance, to include selling, upgrading, and checking in members through an exclusive member entrance.

I worked closely with the Membership Department to promote membership sales and meet goals. One way we wanted to generate more interest in membership sales was to have a mobile membership kiosk outside of the main entrance gate to serve as a place where guests approaching for a visit could learn more about membership offerings and have the seed planted of how much value an annual membership would provide.

In designing this kiosk, my mind immediately went to a safari jeep to fit in with the theme of the zoo. I hand sketched my concept onto a piece of paper and started researching different companies that build custom kiosks and the associated costs. We contacted a few companies and had some renderings made of my concept. From the concept, we tweaked some of the design and coloring, but ultimately moved forward with production of the design. In the images below, you can see the initial concept sketch, the resulting renderings and the final, finished product.

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