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Theme Park Master Plan

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Date Completed

December 2011




Master plan layout for a unique theme park concept developed with friends

Skills Used

Master Planning/Layout, Operational Planning

In 2003, I was selected to participate in the IAAPA Show Ambassador program at the annual expo in Orlando, Florida. This was my first time ever attending the IAAPA Expo, and I was right in my element the entire week I was there. Not only did I get exposure to the industry in a whole new way, but I also met so many other people who share this passion of the theme park industry with me. I formed so many close friendships with fellow Show Ambassadors which continue to this day.

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Over the years, a few of us have tossed around some ideas for a unique theme park concept. While I didn’t come up with the original theme for the park, I have spent some time developing the idea with the permission of those who did. I’ve shared the concepts with the group and have received their input and feedback.

In 2010, I really started to focus on the development of this park idea even more. At that time, I crafted an elaborate backstory, refined and named the various lands, came up with some general attraction concepts, generated mood boards, conducted research on location and feasibility, created a general organizational structure and worked on a master plan of how the park and supporting infrastructure could fit on a real piece of property.

While the planning of this park really has been more of a passion project that may just be a pipe dream, I’m convinced that the high concept and some of the details are so unique that I hesitate to share them publicly. For this portfolio entry, I’ve taken the master plan layout of the park and removed any identifying information regarding the theme and proposed location.

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