The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis: Haunted House Characters & Costumes

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis: Haunted House Characters & Costumes

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Haunted House Greeter Costumes

Date Completed

October 2013 & October 2014




Homemade costumes created for my role as a greeter at the annual Haunted House

Although I left my role as Visitor Services Manager at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis in 2012, I returned in October 2013 and 2014 to help out with the annual Haunted House. My role was to greet and entertain guests waiting in line to access the Haunted House. The theme of the Haunted House would change every year, and I designed a new character each time that would correspond to the theme.

50 Years of Fear Host

In 2013, the theme for the Haunted House was 50 Years of Fear, celebrating the fiftieth year of the annual event. My character was a decrepit host of the 50th Haunted House, complete with a top hat. But the costume had a surprising, secret twist that often caught unsuspecting guests off guard. A clever illusion was built into the costume that allowed me to appear to detach my head from my shoulders and bring it down in front of my stomach.

Click here to view a video clip of the costume illusion in action.

Creepy Carney

In 2014, the Haunted House was themed as a “Creepy Carnival,” and I created a Creepy Carney costume to interact with and entertain guests in line. While not as complex as the previous year, I built another illusion into this costume whereby I would carry around a dismembered arm and ask guests to touch the hand. In reality, through the hand was my real hand, and as guests would touch it, I would wiggle my fingers or sometimes grab their hand to startle them! Below are a few pictures of the distressed jacket and hat created for the character, as well as my dismembered hand terrorizing a fellow colleague.


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