Purdue University: Show Us Your Story

Purdue University: Show Us Your Story

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Show Us Your Story

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February 2021




Assignment for students to introduce themselves to the class in a fun, creative way

After enrolling in the Themed Entertainment Design Certificate Program at IUPUI, the very first class I took was called Intro to Themed Attraction Design. One of the very first assignments we were given was to introduce ourselves to the class in a creative way. The assignment was called “Show Us Your Story,” and the idea was to Each presentation was required to answer these questions:

  1. Name
  2. Major
  3. Why you’re taking this class
  4. Career goals
  5. Fun fact about you

As a newly minted Themed Attraction student, I knew I needed to come up with something that would be relevant to the industry, while also being fun, imaginative, and actually fulfilling the requirements of the assignment. As I was brainstorming ideas, I realized that a proper introduction in the themed entertainment world is delivered via a pre-show. After considering several different popular attraction pre-shows, I decided to do my own take on a pre-show video inspired by a Disney classic.


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