Purdue University: Dreamland

Purdue University: Dreamland

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May 2021




Class project to design a completely original theme park land

As a part of and Introduction to Themed Attraction Design class, our project for the semester was to create a theme park land. Our four-person team had to come up with an original concept for a land that would be part of a larger theme park. All ideas had to be our own. We were not able to rely upon existing intellectual property (IP) that is either owned by or currently in use by another theme park or company.

Throughout the semester, we went through the creative and story development process. We thought through the entire guest experience, including land layout, attraction and restaurant concepts, entertainment offerings, graphics, nomenclature and signage among other things. Other aspects of the project included: researching locations for feasibility, completing a budget and revenue analysis, creating a project timeline from concept to opening day, generating operations plans and analyzing sustainability options.

All of that work came together to create Dreamland:

Step into a world of dreams where you can feel lighter than air or venture into the darker corners of unconsciousness. DREAMLAND is just one land of a larger theme park concept that focuses on the themes and stories of timeless characters such as Mr. Sandman, Father Time, Mother Nature and Old Man Winter.

In addition to presenting our final project at the end of the class, we also had the opportunity to submit Dreamland to the Themed Attraction Student Showcase at themedattraction.com. This showcase was open to students in themed entertainment design programs from around the world and entries were judged by industry veterans according to eight categories:

  • Best in Class – Storytelling/Show Writing/Guest Experience Narrative
  • Best in Class – Ride & Show Systems (Engineering the Ride)
  • Best in Class – Master Planning / Area Development / Landscape Design
  • Best in Class – Appeal of Core Idea
  • Best in Class – Use of Technology
  • Best in Class – Costume / Character Design
  • Best in Class – Vehicle Design
  • Best in Show – Overall

While we did not win in any single category, Dreamland did receive honorable mentions in Master Planning / Area Development / Landscape Design and Storytelling/Show Writing/Guest Experience Narrative.

Check It Out: Click here to view our full project posting on the Themed Attraction Student Showcase.


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