Indianapolis Zoo: Zoo Boo 2006 | WBOO Television Studio Tour

Indianapolis Zoo: Zoo Boo 2006 | WBOO Television Studio Tour

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WBOO Television Studio Tour

Date Completed

October 2006




A child-friendly "haunted" train ride through the fictional WBOO Television Studios

For our 2006 season of Zoo Boo, I decided to take a more lighthearted approach to the annual “haunted” train ride. At the height of the reality television craze, I came up with the concept of turning the ride in to a backstage studio tour of the fictional “WBOO Television Studios.” The story is that this studio is the number one television network of the monster world, and for a limited time only, they are allowing humans to get a peek behind-the-scenes as they film some of their most popular programs.

Some highlights of the tour included:

Along the route of the tour, we also created billboards to advertise other fictional shows on the channel that were not featured on the tour itself:

The tour of WBOO Television Studios lasted approximately 10 minutes, and was a very popular attraction for the Zoo Boo event. In anticipation of the longer lines that would typically form for our annual haunted train attraction, we also created a 24-minute pre-show video that looped continuously and played commercials and gave previews of the programming that was available on the fictional channel. Click the links below to view the entire pre-show video loop and to hear the source audio from the ride itself, accompanied by selected images from the experience.

Check It Out: Click to view the entire pre-show video

Check It Out: Click to listen to the attraction source audio with selected images


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