Indianapolis Zoo: 2002 Zoo Boo Haunted Train Ride

Indianapolis Zoo: 2002 Zoo Boo Haunted Train Ride

Project Details


2002 Haunted Train Ride

Date Completed

October 2002




A creepy "haunted" train ride accompanied by a poetic, rhyming narration

The year 2002 marked the first time I was leading the Attractions Department at the Indianapolis Zoo during the annual “Zoo Boo” Halloween event. One of my responsibilities was to design, produce and execute the haunted train ride for the event. While I had volunteered to help out with the ride the previous year, this was the first time I was given the reigns and had full creative control over the experience.

Without much of a budget to work with, I recruited friends and volunteers from local schools and booster groups to dress up in costume and populate specific scenes along the train tracks. To accompany the ride, I wrote a script in couplets. I recorded the script and set it to an remixed version of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. The ride was quite simple for my first full attempt, but it was also quite effective!

Check It Out: Click here to listen to the source audio for the ride accompanied by selected still images.


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