“Elf” Thanksgiving

“Elf” Thanksgiving

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Elf Thanksgiving

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November 2018



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Thematic elements designed and built for an "Elf" themed Thanksgiving

A fun tradition that my in-laws implemented several years ago is to hold themed Thanksgiving celebrations. What could be more fun than enjoying Thanksgiving dinner in a themed environment and in costume? Some of the past themes have included lumberjacks, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars and pirates. In 2018, I had the opportunity to help create the scenery for the “Elf” themed thanksgiving.

My portion of the project was to recreate the rolling snowy hills of the North Pole as they were depicted in the movie. Our North Pole was setup around the pool deck. In order to cover up the rest of the backyard, we used blue curtains to create a “sky” backdrop, then cut out the rolling hills of snow out of pieces of plywood and painted them white. The effect was then completed with dual projectors creating a snowfall effect on the backdrop. Here are some images of the project in progress and the completed effect.

We started by stringing up cables between various posts and hanging the curtains between posts.
Two mirrored projectors displayed an animated snowfall projected onto the blue backdrop.
The individual curtains were then carefully pinned together to create the full backdrop.
Repurposed pallet boards were cut into tree shapes and painted white to extend the decor.

Check It Out: Click here to view the snowfall scene in action!

Although my portion of the event was the design, construction and animation of the North Pole backdrop, the theme was completed with other scenes from the Elf film:


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