Bedroom Light Show

Bedroom Light Show

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Disney Magic

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A light show manually choreographed to music setup in my bedroom

As a teenager, I often spent my free time dreaming up ways to entertain people – my family, friends, neighborhood kids. Once such expression of this was a light show that I created in my bedroom. This show was choreographed to music from classic Disney theme park entertainment, such as “Baroque Hoedown” from The Main Street Electrical Parade, or music from IllumiNations 25 at Epcot. I invested in special “hologram glasses” that spectators would wear to further enhance the excitement. I called the show, “Disney Magic.” The show was controlled by a home-made light board that I built with the help of a friend and a do-it-yourself book on house wiring. I literally sat at the control board and, much like a pianist tickles the ivories, continuously flipped switches on and off in synch with the soundtrack. Eventually, the light show even spilled outside of my room and included a pre-show that took place in the hallway.

My first light control board was built into my desk drawer so that I could hide it away when not in use.
As the show grew, more channels were needed, so this larger control board was built to add capacity.

Check It Out: Click to view a video of the Disney Magic preshow

Check It Out: Click to view a video excerpt of the Disney Magic main show (with the hologram glasses effect!)

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