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Working Outside the Box

Mark Firestone is a dynamic leader with over 20 years of operations and customer service experience in museums, theme parks, zoos, and international non-profit organizations. His attention to detail, reliability, flexibility, creativity and outside-the-box way of thinking combine to make him uniquely qualified to manage any number of tasks or challenges. He has learned from some of the greatest in the industry in the areas of safety, customer service, quality experiences, theatricality, and efficient operations and how they relate and come together to create a world-class team and product.

Not only does Mark think outside the box, he also lived and worked outside the box for three years in Nairobi, Kenya! As a leader and key member of an international child sponsorship program, Mark worked across cultural divides to implement more efficient and scalable processes, improve quality and consistency of communications, create a more positive sponsor experience, and grow the number of impacted children from 7,000 to over 16,000 – a growth of nearly 130%!

As a hands-on leader, Mark has earned the respect of his superiors, peers and direct reports alike by developing a strong rapport and treating everyone as an individual. He puts the needs of others before his own and will never implement a policy that he himself would not follow. He remains calm in tense and stressful situations and can be trusted to always get a job done to the highest level of quality.

Mark has an aptitude for technology and has worked in and been an administrator for numerous ticketing and access control, CRM and database programs. He has a knack for troubleshooting technological issues through research and tinkering until the desired result is achieved.

With his vast array of experiences, operational know-how and creative mind, Mark truly works outside of the box!

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